Imokutr thumbnail library

PHP image thumbnailer created with primary use for Nette framework, but also usable with a standalone PHP apps.

Author: Vladimír Škach

Latest stable version: 1.1.0 (with Nette 3 support) : Github | Packagist

Table of content

Basic overview

Let's assume:

1. we have a directory with a bunch of images intended to be visible on our web, it's absolute path is for example /home/myweb/www/files. Images can be in JPEG, PNG or GIF format (a transparency is supported).

In configuration we will set it like this:
originalRootPath: /home/myweb/www/files

There is directory structure inside containing images which we are displaying on our web, their absolute paths are for example:

On the web these images are visible on these urls:

2. we also have some kind of data storage, most likely a database, where we store paths to these images, for example:

1Big dog/images/2018/06/dog.jpg
2Nice scenery/gallery/25/photo3.png

Now, we will specify target directory to which we will be saving the resulting thumbnail.

Let's say it will be /home/myweb/www/thumbnails

So in config we will set both absolute and relative path to this directory:

    thumbsRootPath: /home/web/www/thumbnails
    thumbsRootRelativePath: /thumbnails

Ikomutr is now able to create thumbnails on demand. We can choose their dimensions or way they will be cut.


- source path is (/files)/images/2018/06/dog.jpg
- we want Imokutr to create thumbnail:

   with fixed width of 200 pixels,
  or fixed height of 150 pixels,
  or cropped to specific size 200x150 pixels

- Imokutr will create thumbnails and save them to target directory, they will be accessible on respective urls:

Quick start with Nette 2.4

Add Imokutr to composer.json
require": {
    "skachcz/imokutr": "^1.0"

composer update

Add Imokutr extension to config.neon

    imokutr: SkachCz\Imokutr\Nette\ImokutrExtension

    originalRootPath: /home/web/www
    thumbsRootPath: /home/web/www/kutr/thumb
    thumbsRootRelativePath: /kutr/thumb
    defaultImageRelativePath: /kutr/default.png
    qualityJpeg: 85
    qualityPng: 8

Try macro imoTag in *.latte template:
{imoTag '/images/2018/06/dog.jpg', 150, 150, 'w'}
<img src="%url%" width="%width%" height="%height%" title="Dog">
{imoTag '/images/2018/06/dog.jpg', 200, 100, 'c', 1}
<img src="%url%" width="%width%" height="%height%" title="Dog">
(%url%, %width%, and %height% placeholders can be used in the macro's body)
Or filter imoUrl:


originalRootPath mandatory absolute filesystem path to root of source images directory repository
thumbsRootRelativePath mandatory relative web path to root of target thumbnail directory repository
thumbsRootPath mandatory absolute filesystem path to root of target thumbnail directory repository
defaultImageRelativePath mandatory relative path to default source image
qualityJpeg optional, default value 85 quality of created Jpeg images
qualityPng: 8 optional, default value 8 quality of created PNG images

Thumbnail parameters

width The width of thumbnail in pixels.
height The height of thumbnail in pixels.
fixed dimension This parameter specifies how thumbnail is created.
Possible values are: 'w', 'h', 'c' Examples for width=100 and height=100.
w Image is resized with defined width.
h Image is resized with defined height.
c Image is cropped to defined width and height.
crop type (optional) How should be image cropped 0-9

 ↖     ↑   ↗
    1  2  3
 ←  8  0  4  →
    7  6  5
  ↙    ↓   ↘

Standalone use


use SkachCz\Imokutr\Imokutr;
use SkachCz\Imokutr\Config;
use SkachCz\Imokutr\Html;

require_once(__DIR__ . "/Imokutr/imokutr.php");

$config = new Config(
    __DIR__ . "/images/original",
    __DIR__ . "/images/thumbs",

$kutr = new Imokutr($config);

// original image is in /images/original/img1.jpg
$img = $kutr->getThumbnail("img1.jpg", 200, 100, 'w');

<img src="<?php echo $img['url'] ?>" width="<?php echo $img['width'] ?>" height="<?php echo $img['height'] ?>">


<?php echo Html::img($img) ?>

<?php  $img = $kutr->getThumbnail("img1.jpg", 300, 300, 'c', 5); ?>

<?php echo Html::img($img, "Photo", "My photo", ["data-text" => "My text", "onclick" => 'alert("box")', "class" => "red"] ) ?>


Filter imoUrl:

-> /kutr/thumb/files/original/docs/kutr/airplane-200x100-2-0.jpg

-> /kutr/thumb/files/original/docs/kutr/airplane-200x100-3-4.jpg

Macro imoTag:

Original images:

Fixed width 200px: {imoTag '/image.jpg', 200, 200, 'w'}

<img src="%url%" width="%width%" height="%height%" title="titulek">


Fixed height 150px: {imoTag '/image.jpg', 150, 150, 'h'}
<img src="%url%" width="%width%" height="%height%" title="titulek">

Cropped 150x150px: {imoTag '/image.jpg', 150, 150, 'c'}
<img src="%url%" width="%width%" height="%height%" title="titulek">
Cropped 150x150px to center (0):    {imoTag '/image.jpg', 150, 150, 'c', 0}
Cropped 150x150px to top left (1):    {imoTag '/image.jpg', 150, 150, 'c', 1}
Cropped 150x150px to right (4):    {imoTag '/image.jpg', 150, 150, 'c', 4}
Cropped 150x150px to bottom left (7):    {imoTag '/image.jpg', 150, 150, 'c', 7}